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Liquid Code Forum Rules Empty Liquid Code Forum Rules

Post by _Twisted_Mods_ on 12/5/2014, 2:54 am


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Liquid Code Forum Rules

Liquid Code Language Rules

  • The accepted language on this website is English only;
  • When you post, please avoid SMS language such as L3375P34K (leetspeak);
  • Non-English people, as well as English people must be able to understand what you write, so therefore we ask that you put a degree of care into your English, even if your English is not very good

Liquid Code Forum Rules

  • Spamming is prohibited;
  • Consecutive posts must be separated by 24 hrs. Double, triple, etc. posts will be removed;
  • One-word posts such as "lol", "rofl" or a single smiley must be avoided;
  • You must also avoid posting the same topic twice, unless you have a further question or that you have useful information to add to the topic. Otherwise it will not gain you a faster response;
  • If you make a mistake or you want to make any modifications to one of your posts, please use the EDIT button at the top-right of the post, to avoid double-posting;
  • Do not capitalise letters to type more than one phrase;
  • No flaming, trolling, bashing, etc.;
  • You must respect the fact that people may have a different opinion than you. If you are in conflict with another member, please use PMs for that, this forum is not an arena!;
  • If you received advertising, pornographic content or insults by PM, you must send the whole message and a screenshot of that message to a moderator or admin via PM. Posting it in a topic is useless and will only cause conflicts between you and the one who sent you the PM;
  • Sexually oriented, gore and any other type avatars that are considered to be inappropriate and will be removed;
  • If you have advertised via PM, you will have your PM privileges removed;
  • No advertising or links to advertising are permitted;
  • Advertising via PM will result in having your PM privileges disabled;
  • Advertising for money-related stuff will result in an immediate ban;
  • Ignoring staff's warnings and continuing to not respect the rules and insulting people will result in a ban from this forum;
  • No disrespecting staff nor impersonating them;
  • Multiple accounts on this forum are not allowed;Links to personal blogs / homepages are allowed in the member's profiles and signatures;
  • Sharing of links to helpful and relevant web sites and resources is allowed if they
  • are not used for a promotional purpose;
  • No posts of copyrighted material;
  • No creating threads in the wrong section;
  • No "asking"/begging for something outside of it's respective section;
  • You will never threaten another site members' personal property, family, or life. This includes disclosing personal information such as IP Addresses, home addresses, names, phone numbers, DDOS attacks, etc. Threatening or committing any of these actions via private message or otherwise will result in a immediate permanent ban from the site. This behavior is completely unacceptable and in most cases illegal;
  • No ban evasion on an alternate account for serious bans
  • If you have any question about one of the forum rules, please PM a moderator or admin about it.

Note: These rules may be modified/updated anytime, so we invite you to re-read them regularly. Report posts that violate the rules. Do this by selecting the button at the top right corner of the post. Certain rules may not be enforced unless reported. If you feel a poster has broken a rule, report it.

Liquid Code Usage Guidelines

  • Check for open topics. Before posting a new topic, please check to see if there is already a topic open on the subject;
  • Try to formulate your requests, questions and other posts the best you can and provide as much information about it possible. Screenshots could help make others understand what you're requesting. No "please help" or "look at this" etc., please;
  • Keep posts family friendly. If it shouldn’t be viewed by minors, then it shouldn’t be posted to the forums or chat rooms;
  • Use descriptive titles for new posts. Avoid "generic" post subjects like "Help" or "Question". You will receive a better response to your posts by making your title more descriptive about the content of your post;
  • Forums and chat rooms are moderated by volunteer staff. While they may not have answers to all your questions, they are here to help in any way they can. You can spot a moderator because their profile indicates that they are moderators.

We thank you for your comprehension and for respecting these rules.

Our best regards,

Liquid Code Staff.

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