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Make A Test Account Empty Make A Test Account

Post by _Twisted_Mods_ on 1/21/2015, 5:32 pm


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Making A Test Account

Alot of time Admins or Mods might ask you for a test account for your forum to help you solve a problem.

1.Log out of your forum and click register create two accounts name them what ever you would like. i would suggest starting the name with the word "test" so that you never forget what the account is for. Also when creating these account you don't have to use a real email example ""

--1st name we create is going to be just a plain member account so the Admins Or Mods dont have to create a username and activate it just to help you on your forum

--2nd name will be used for Admin access on your forum

2. After you have created the two names dont worry about activating them we will do that in the acp

3.log back into your Founder/Admin account and goto "Acp(Admin Control Panel)>Users & Groups>Users>Inactive Users"
there you can activate both accounts

4.still in "Users & Groups>Groups>group Administration" Click the modify button next to the group with the Make A Test Account Couronne

5.scroll down to the bottom under "Add Member :" type the name of the new account you created that you want to have Admin access then click Add Member

Your all done

Few Things To Know

1. "Never A Good Idea To Let Anyone On Your Test Admin Account Unless You Trust Them Or They Are FM Staff "

2. Any time someone is done using your Admin test account change the password right away

3. If the person helping you is going to be helping you with css go into
"Acp(Admin Control Panel)>display>pictures & colors>colors>css tab" and make a copy of everything in your css and save it in notepad. "just in case something goes wrong"

4. Keep an eye on the People you let on you Admin test account. do this by going to "Acp(Admin Control Panel)>General>forum>security" scroll down and you can see all the actions that have taken place.

5. if you notice someone doing something on your Admin test account they shouldn't be immediately goto "Acp(Admin Control Panel)>Users & Groups>users>search users"
type in the Admin test account name under "Username / e-mail :" then click Ok
then click the "modify button enter new password twice then click save in top right corner. then you can ask them about the situation.

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